HOLOW & Max Green Reveal Electro-Pop Hit ‘Chemicals’

20-year-old HOLOW, also known as Arthur, just released his new single Chemicals alongside artist Max Green. The rising, Paris-based creative has seen a whirlwind of success in the last year. After the release of his highly praised track, “Something To Say”, HOLOW was featured by Spotify’s Fresh Finds, DJ Mag, Indie Shuffle, and several other tastemakers.
His new single Chemicals was born out of isolation. Retreating to a nook at the base of Mont Blanc, the highest summit in the Alps, HOLOW found reprieve from his everyday life and the excitement to continue to create. Surrounded by picturesque mountains and drawing inspiration from his environment, “Chemicals is a glorious escape from the mundane and a chance to feel carefree.
In this Behind The Track Teaser, Arthur shares a glimpse of his creative process and some behind the scenes of his escape to Mont Blanc :

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Anchored by indie, electro-pop production “Chemicals” simmers with feel-good energy and leaves you feeling weightless. Illustrious vocals from Echo-Park based Max Green add a layer of warmth and raspiness to the track that feels both familiar and new at the same time. As the track builds into its cathartic, dance-inducing chorus, HOLOW captures that exciting feeling of being intoxicated by another person.

Green shares, “Working with Holow has been nothing but a fun and natural process, and ‘Chemicals’ was one of those songs that practically wrote itself. For me, the song depicts a time in my life where I was looking for meaning through a string of meaningless interactions. Topics of self-awareness come into play with the irony of the human condition under the influence. All whilst dancing of course”.

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