The Ultimate Guide To Grow Your Music Fan Base Online

Nowadays, the internet offers several ways to grow your music fan base. However, not all these ways are reliable. Therefore, you should know the ones that are worth your money, energy, and time. You should know the right social media platforms to use and the ones to avoid.

So, how can you grow your music fan base online? Worry no more! In this enlightening post, we’ll guide you on how to achieve this goal.

But, remember, online music marketing is equal to fan engagement. Online music marketing is all about interacting with your fans. Focus on introducing yourself to your fans, solidifying your relationship, and creating superfans who will stand on your side every time.

How can superfans help you? Well, these fans will always attend all your shows together with their friends. They will promote your music via word of mouth and purchase all your offers. Besides this, research shows word of mouth referrals remains to be an effective platform for music discovery.

Before covering how you can grow your music fan base online, let us look at an overview of fan engagement pillars.

Fan Engagement Pillars

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To outperform the internet’s noise, you should remain consistent in your online music marketing. Always remain consistent in quality and quantity.


You must be the source of fan communication. Let your voice’s artist be the source of fan communication. Focus on doing this so that your fans can feel that you have included them in your musical journey.


Remember, there’s no quick fix or easy way to grow your music fan base. You should show up and focus on this work every day to increase your music fanbase.

You’ll grow your online music fan base quickly if you put the above pillars and the following tips into practice:

How To Grow Your Music Fan Base Online

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Create A Website

A website remains to be amongst the first places people will check after coming across your music. Let the website be the host of all the things you do online. Social media platforms can take the spokes space – where you post interesting stuff and link back to your site.

Focus on creating your music website because:

You're the owner of the web address

Freedom of controlling the experience

You can always create your favorite music website design without any restrictions. You can’t experience any distractions and ads with a website, as observed with social media platforms.

You control data

Unlike social media platform fans, you control your site’s data. As a result, a website allows you to access crucial data about the fans who visited your website, their clicks, their residing areas, and more.

You can sell directly to your fans

A website does not involve a middle man. As a result, more music money moves directly into your pocket and allows your fans to enjoy an excellent experience. Also, a website enables fans to join the mailing list, making it easy to access them anytime.

Use Rocking Templates

Using rocking templates is another excellent way to grow your music fan base online. Here, you can use various design templates to promote your music in minutes.

You can use logo templates to give your musical project a strong visual identity. You always get logo templates for each genre. These logo templates range from hip hop logo templates to electronic music logo templates to vintage rock logo templates.

Also, you can create an album cover for your music. Music album covers fall under the category of the most pivotal graphics one can develop for their music. Here, you can make an album cover that represents your music by selecting one from various designs.

Furthermore, you can grow your music fan base online by designing band merch for the fans. Here, you can design band posters, music, t-shirts, and much more. Go through the various music design templates to choose the one that suits your music excellently.

Ensure Streaming Sites Have Your Music

To grow your music fan base online, you add your music to streaming sites. There are several sites to add music in this case, but SoundCloud and Spotify are the most popular ones.


Spotify allows you to share your music with colleagues and identify new artists quickly. As a result, Spotify is an excellent channel for your music (here are some tips to develop your image on the platform). You should have a record label, but if you don’t have one, consider getting a distributor to handle your music licensing and distribution.

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You don’t pay anything to get a distributor. Spotify assists you in doing this by providing a list of the best distributors. After adding your music to Spotify, be ready to get royalties every time your fans listen to your tracks.


This streaming site is more popular amongst indie music listeners. With this streaming site, you don’t need to get a distributor or label. You will always upload your music to this streaming site without paying anything. However, you must have the right to upload your music to Spotify. Besides this, Spotify allows you to include tract details and make it easy for your fans to download original tracks under your permission.

Maximize The Social Media Power

Maximizing social media power is another excellent way through which you can grow your music fan base online. For a start, you don’t pay anything to grow your fanbase on social media platforms.

You don’t pay anything to create a Facebook page or a different account on Twitter or Instagram. After making one, you should invite your colleagues to follow your social media page or like it. You will then ask these colleagues to invite their friends to follow your page or recommend the page.

After getting likes or followed, now you can start discussing issues related to you and your friends. Never engage in discussions that can harm your reputation or offend your fans. But remain vocal every time. Post the upcoming events and tweet other individuals who do stuff related to yours and create collaboration opportunities. Remember, you’re likely to become more discoverable if you post from time to time.


To grow your music fan base online, create a Facebook page. Here you can post photos, your website links, and videos from time to time to keep your fans engaged. Invite your Facebook friends to like your page or follow it. Also, you post information relating to your Facebook page on your personal Facebook profile.


A Gmail account is the only thing needed to build a YouTube channel. Ensure your YouTube channel has a featured video like a DIY music video or introduction video. You can request friends or other people to subscribe to your YouTube channel after uploading some music videos. You can post something about your YouTube channel on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more.


Moreover, you can use Instagram to grow your music fanbase online, as the platform allows interaction via its DM feature and quick photo/video updates. You can address your fans directly by using ‘Reels’ functions & stories as well, that are one of the best ways to gain new followers on the app.

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Email Newsletter

There are several email newsletter tools you can use to create professional mailings within the shortest possible time. Research shows that email newsletters fall under the category of reliable forms of blitz marketing.

With email newsletters, you can update your music audience about your upcoming shows or releases, your next steps, and many more fun things. Besides this, you can utilize mailings in cross-promoting your various channels and socials. You can use mailings to encourage your audience to display their loyalty by supporting and marketing your music to their platforms.

Emails offer several outstanding benefits like promo codes for your new releases and free downloads. With this ‘clickbait,’ your subscribers will feel special and get encouraged to follow your music.


Blogging allows you to drive music audiences to your website. Besides this, blogging can promote search engine optimization, making your site rank on search engines’ first pages.

Furthermore, with blogging, you get a chance to share consistent and quality content on various social media platforms. Moreover, blogging suggests that you have an active music career, contributing to creating a stronger relationship with your music fans.

To get an idea of the things to blog about, preview your upcoming shows, review your recent performance, tour your stories, and rehearse your stories. Also, to get a blogging idea, tell studio stories, write about new gear, write about other bands, write about your pets, review your passions, review your hobbies, and much more.

Ensure your blog posts feature photos and videos to make them interactive for your fans.

Final Thoughts

You grow your music fan base online in various ways. Consider putting all the above ways into practice so that you can secure more music fans and robust connections.

Always consider the three fan engagement pillars, sustainability, authenticity, and consistency, to grow your music fan base online quickly. Finally, keep writing new music, recording and uploading them from time to time so that you can maintain your existing fans and attract ones.