Premiere: Verdance Unveils Glimpse Of New EP, ‘Rothko’

UK based producer Jake Brown is well known for his calm and comforting instrumentals under the name Handbook, although a revitalizing new story has begun with the inception of Verdance – a project that is meant to engulf the listener’s senses with its nature-inspired ambiance.

Great news, his very first EP ‘Rothko’ is on the way, due out on December 7th, and the title track is out today. A smooth, mesmerizing one, that features the multi-talented artist Oli Hannaford. Enjoy!

Listen 'Rothko' :

Also, Oli adds some details about the track: “Rothko” is about trying to comfort someone whilst not being comfortable yourself. Putting on a brave face to put someone you love at ease isn’t an easy thing, and often shouldn’t be celebrated. I wrote “Rothko” whilst in a bit of a tough and confusing place. It constantly contradicts itself much like I feel my feelings do in some situations. It has this relatively uplifting general feel, and lyrics like “I hope that you slept fine” serve to feel wholesome, but there are persistent darker tones like “Please absolve me” which can sound out of place, but they aren’t at all. Imagery surrounding dust and rubble adds to the story quite nicely since dust and rubble can be so secure once settled, but so chaotic if it won’t”.

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