Tan Lines Offer Funky Edit Of Alicia Keys’ ‘Time Machine’

Consisting of Florida-based Adam and Juan, living in France, Tan Lines is a music production duo with a very distinctive approach to their creativity. Although they never actually met in person, they developed a unique friendship and online collaboration.

And they now deliver their own version (in Free Download) of Alicia Key‘s “Time Machine”, featured on her latest studio album Alicia – that marks her first foray on the scene since her 2016 album Here. The song is an amazing milestone in Alicia Keys’ career, representing her return to form and being one of her catchiest singles to date! Tan Lines picked up on this amazing track quickly, and what they did with the song is totally magical.

Listen 'Time Machine (Tan Lines Remix)' :

They came up with a meticulous and creative layer of epic sounds, including a cool bass line with a funky flavors, as well as a string section, giving the song a 70s flair. The guitar solo is the contrasting element that makes this mix stand out, a bit like a pinch of hot sauce to make the recipe pop even more.

Although it definitely showcases the personality of Tan Lines’ production style, this remixed version stays true to the feel of the original track, but it definitely provides a different feel, which has a different groove and a more textural approach to production, with some great drum patterns and some unique re-interpretations of the song’s main hook.

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