Yuhei Miura & Koza Reveal Dazzling Lo-fi Ep ‘Time Travel’

What if music could take you back in time?

Japanese producer yuhei miura & trained pianist koza answer that in their latest collaboration Time Travel EP. The up-and-coming artists bring a jazzy, vintage edge in their 4-track jazzhop and lo-fi EP that takes listeners back to a simpler time.

Listen 'Time Travel' EP:

About this EP, yuhei explains “We wanted to soothe you and help you travel in times when physical traveling is almost impossible. This EP was created in an attempt to maximize koza’s impressive riffs, it’s a combination of melodic piano phrases unique to Japanese culture and lo-fi beats”.

Soft and playful, while rainy and atmospheric, Time Travel explores an abundance of soundscapes to sweep listeners into a dream of serene autumn nights and the glow of a fireplace. Check it out!

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