Premiere: Tomode Reveal Italo-Drenched Cut ‘Autostrada’

Following an explosive debut in June this year, Scandi-disco duo Tomode is now introducing their sophomore single “Autostrada”, an irresistible electronic piece that takes the listener on a synthtastic, nostalgia-infused voyage above the Italian Alps. 

Paying homage to Italo-giants like Giorgio Moroder and Koto, Tomode is releasing a true journey that brandishes a more electronic side of their alluring disco sound. While still channeling the groovy nostalgia of the late 70’s, the track strikes a modern nerve inspired by current dancefloor trailblazers like Todd Terje and Donny Benét.

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Brimming with pulsating arpeggiators, shimmering synthesizers and supported by the duo’s telltale punchy Disco drums, the sound is a perfect fit for a forest rave as well as a high-octane drive in the dead of night. 

The guys explain “In our minds we had this picture of the towering Alps looking down on a sweaty discothequein the heart of some small Italian town, circa 1976. The warm pulse of the people on the floorcontrasting the crickets, serenely playing in the thick darkness outside, just next to therushing highway. This was the high-flying foundation we had for “Autostrada” – after that, thetrack just sort of wrote itself”. 

The track follows the success of Tomode’s debut Disco single “Destiny No. 20”, which put the Swedish duo on the international map of up-and-coming Scandinavian Disco. The duo is now releasing several more singles from their upcoming debut-EP, arriving later this year. Autostrada” being the latest, showcasing the duo’s club influences and their strive to explore new vistas of sound beyond their radiant Disco vibe.

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