Tomode Debut With Explosive Disco Gem ‘Destiny No. 20’

New Swedish Funk Pop-phenomenon Tomode is releasing their first single “Destiny No. 20”, where disco guitars and analogue synthesizers invite the listener to a world steeped in the spirit of the 70’s, as well as the melancholy of the here and now.

The band describes the sound as a dynamic journey through time, starting in the disco fervor of the 70’s and ending in the vibrant heart of modern Swedish pop. An ageless and funky sound with captivating melodies and Chic-esque energy is created. The track also contains a healthy amount of escapism – a strong will to break free from the melancholy of the 2020’s.

Listen 'Destiny No. 20' :

About the track, the up-and-coming band, or Carl Leanderson and Viktor Westerberg, explains “We want to make music that can act as a remedy to the slight despair we all feel, living through the 2020’s. Destiny No. 20 opens the door to everything we love – it’s got vibrant drums, pulsating arpeggios, disco guitars and a funky bassline. It’s as much “Good Times” with Chic as it is “Dancing on My Own” with Robyn. Hopefully it ignites a spark somewhere out there in the darkness”.

Following a few formative years in the studio, Tomode is now kicking in the door to the new decade by releasing several singles – during this spring and summer – from their upcoming debut-EP, arriving this fall. Wait & see!

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