MÒZÂMBÎQÚE Unveils 4-Minute Ballad ‘Healing Touch’

Growing up in the fluid music scene of San Francisco, the rising prodigy MÒZÂMBÎQÚE developed an affinity for instrumental music. On the rise, he perfectly blends cultures and feelings – from his own experiences – that take this time the form of a 5-track ‘How to Be Human’ EP.

And great news, he already offered a glimpse of this upcoming masterpiece with its first single, named ‘Hailing Touch’ – a mesmerizing mix of morphine synths, distant guitars and gentle downtempo beatwork which evoke hope & wonder.

Listen 'Hailing Touch' :

Thematically, the How to be Human EP revolves around the importance of deep human connection and compassion. And visually, nature best portrays this as part of being human is acting more like plants and wildlife; practicing things like being still, absorbing and most importantly, growing. This notion of ‘humanizing’ in the theme is further amplified by the track titles as each of them begin with the letter ‘H’. In dream-telling, the letter ‘H’ in a dream symbolizes cooperation, balance and teamwork.

This goes to show that MÒZÂMBÎQÚE’s extensive travels whilst learning from different cultures has not only impacted his spiritual well-being, but also his sonic direction – something that’s been greatly influenced by the chromatic drum sequences of Bonobo, and the soothing ether of Tycho. Regardless of the genre the producer decides to tap into, he intends to invoke a mood that reflects feelings of hope and wonder, the same kind of feelings synonymous with travel, wilderness and solitude.


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