Boyan Discloses New Soulful Single ‘Morning With Her’

Hailing from Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, Boyan Angelov — better known as Boyan — is one of the driving forces behind the local instrumental scene. Inspired by Soul, Funk and Future beats music, the producer has over 10 years of experience when it comes to crafting soulful and touching beats. And one of his last masterpieces is ‘Morning With Her’, a foretaste of his forthcoming EP named ‘Colors of Heaven’, due out on Stereofox Records.

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More than a producer, Boyan is also a resident DJ in a few of Sofia’s vibrant clubs like Carousel and Switch. Besides his beat moniker, the artist is part of drum & bass duo LQ whose music got on the radar of the notorious UKF channel in 2018.

Driven by admiration for one of his biggest influences – J Dilla, Boyan has created via ‘Morning With Her’ a sonic journey channeling his emotions. A journey that conveys both self-reflection and desire to find peace just like in those early morning hours when the sky soaks in all colors possible. With three other tracks in the pipeline, we’re already eager to discover the full EP!

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