Duo Mohawk & The Kid Drops Debut Single ‘Goddamn’

For those who don’t know, the enigmatic duo Mohawk & The Kid is a project started by a father and his son, where all began when “The Kid” was born. According to their story, one night while The Kid was asleep, “Mohawk” took the opportunity to create new music. The production spun around in a whole new direction from having The Kid around, Mohawk’s vision now was unlike his work before.

Side-project of a well-known House music veteran, Mohawk was taken back to a more classic way sampling melodies and pieces of music, twisting them and forming something else entirely. And MATK’s debut single called ‘GODDAMN’ is nothing but unique, a lovingly crafted blend of all the different styles of House music that Mohawk grew up listening to, and now he has brought in a new modern touch to it.

No doubts that MATK will now embark on a journey to bring this new sound to all corners of the world. Eager to see what’s next for those two!

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