obli Unveils Two Melodic Tracks On ODESZA’s Label

Making his Foreign Family Collective debut is obli, the LA based musician and producer with years of performance experience to his name. Having started out playing in a band with none other than Sonny Moore (prior to his Skrillex fame), the Ohio native delivers ‘Recourse’ and ‘Hold You’ through ODESZA’s revered record label.

Listen 'Recourse / Hold You' :

Blissfully melodic and weaving their way into your mind with intricate details, the double-sided release begins with ‘Recourse’. Mellow flecks of guitar and hazy rhythms allow the soul of this tune to build with cinematic beauty: getting stronger and more profound with every moment as vocals between to intertwine its essence. ‘Hold You’ captures attention with a barely moving introduction; creeping out of the stillness with languid chords and a murmured vocal loop. Again obli progresses this sublime cut forward with shimmering electronica riffs and warm folds of percussion.

As the latest signing to Foreign Family, this is just the start of a very special journey for both the label and obli – a highly talented artist with the kind of musically sophisticated and emotive style that fits FFC perfectly.  

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