Feiertag & O. Hannaford Drop Catchy Pop Gem ‘Seasons’

It seems like Joris Feiertag planned to shoot for the moon in 2020. The prodigious drummer – who is releasing music as «Feiertag» since 2015 and collaborates with Kraak & Smaak or Pitto among others – already put out an EP called «Severance» in January via Berlin-based label Sonar Kollektiv. While we’re all still digesting it, the next drum-roll already follows, teaming up with the UK based singer Oli Hannaford (who can be heard on the track «Ocean» off «Severance») he has created his very own anthem for the current year. Seasons’ is a piece of Pop music you (unfortunately) hear too rarely.

Listen 'Seasons feat. Oli Hannaford' :

The drums are funky, heavy and because of the dominant snare could almost be used as a hiphop beat. The sporadic brass sections and brief guitar roarings get interrupted by chord changes and breaks again and again, turning the basic three-minute Pop song into a masterstroke of arrangement and composition. Hannaford’s lyrics («for you I wait until the end…») complete the song to become an ode to spring, to friendship, to love and of course to life.

By the way, Feiertag’s 2020 is not coming to end yet. In late summer the second EP this year is set to be released («Heal»), so you should prepare yourself for a sparkling summer!

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