[IT] Discover Pop Genius 220 KID With ‘Don’t Need Love’

UK rising-artist 220 KID and GRACEY have joined forces on new single named Don’t Need Love’, out now via Polydor. They deliver a fresh slice of dance-pop, that sees the 21 year old singer-songwriter GRACEY’s confident vocals paired with an infectious production – a combination that looks destined to take both charts and dancefloors by storm.

Listen 'I Don't Need Love' :

To know a bit more about 220 KID, he’s not unknown to the music scene, in fact. Over the past two years he has been working with Grammy nominated producer Grades (Bastille, Dua Lipa), One Bit, Camden Cox, Billen Ted, Danny Shah, Jackson, and the infamous Scott Storch (Pink, Christina Aquilera, Beyonce…) to name a few. His broad musical ability has allowed him to write and produce with a lot of artists also such as, Alpines, Frenship, Walking On Cars, Sheppard, Camelphat, and many more.

Unquestionably 220 KID has a wide range of production skills, from epic string work to dirty house base lines. Alongside his fresh style of lyrical writing, he has the ability to make any pop song that little bit more ‘cool’, and ‘Don’t Need Love’ is the perfect proof. More than a review for the release, we had the chance to meet William aka 220 KID to discuss music, future plans and many more.. Full interview just below! 

  • Hi William! First of all, can you tell us more about 220 KID?

Yes sure! 220 KID is a creative project that I’ve made to not be constraint by boundaries, to just collaborate and create the best music, visuals and beyond that I can with anyone who inspires me. The music coming is very broad, and the visuals too. I just wanted to push myself as far as I could.

  • You’ve just released ‘Don’t Need Love’ with Gracey recently, catchy title! What’s the story behind it?
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I had the song for about 2 years, waiting to get it perfect with the perfect voice. Gracey was in a studio and her friend played it, she reached out and I was already a fan. Different things being one of my top streamed songs this year! So she came in and we worked on the production and some of the story, and it was perfect. Well worth the wait.

  • What’s your creative process for making music? Maybe do you have some tips to share?

It’s a mix, of just writing by feeling.. ignoring technicalities in the initial writing phases and just expressing how I or the collaborator feels, the second tip is get out and experience as much as you can. How can you be locked away every day and expect to have material to write about, some times you need to step back and go see something.. I go to pubs and watch groups of people actually and just come up with stories from their body language (not a creep I promise).. I also dream a lot of song concepts, so sleep more maybe haha.

  • What are next month’s highlights for 220 Kid, any releases ahead?

Plenty of releases coming, with lots of collaborators but you’ll just have to wait and see.. I want to surprise people, keep them guessing and bring the best music I can.

  • Finally, can you share five records that you can’t get enough of right now?
  1. Idles – Mercedes Marxist
  2. Walking on cars – Pieces Of You
  3. Hallelujah Any Way – Candi Staton
  4. James Vincent Mcmorrow – If I Had A Boat
  5. Burna Boy – On The Low
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