Interview: Ferdinand Weber Drops New Deep-House Gem

Making his debut on his own label FAVS Rec., Munich-based DJ / Producer, Ferdinand Weber, offers up his new single ‘I Can Feel (Fingertips)’ that follows up to his string of remixes and original productions.

The outcome is a sophisticated deep house with neat drums, a whomping bassline and sparkling piano keys layered under a sweet and pop vocal melody – reminding us again why Ferdinand Weber is such a prominent name to watch for 2019.

With new music on hand, the rest of the year will be huge for the Munich-born producer. We had the chance to meet Ferdinand to discusses his last track, but also his new label FAVS Rec., the future, and more.

Hey Ferdinand, such a pleasure to have you! We’ve just picked your latest House gem:  « I Can Feel (Fingertips) », what’s the story behind this record? 

Hey guys, thanks for having me and I’m glad you like my latest record. 

I was jamming in my studio in Munich a couple of months ago and found two little vocal cuts „I CAN FEEL“ and „FINGERTIPS“. I loved the vibe straightaway and started to build the whole track around it.

What’s your creative process when making music? Some tips for our readers?

I always start with a blank project to avoid every track sounds the same. The most import thing while working on a new track is to find an interesting synth sound or sample. I don’t know why, but I can’t start with drums. I need to start with the synth/melody part or the vocal.

« I Can Feel (Fingertips) » is also a milestone, celebrating the launch of your own Label: FAVS Rec. Why want to pursue your journey as a Record Label as well? 

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I always had the feeling that it would be amazing to release music without waiting ages for the answers of record labels / checking release dates etc. 

More important, I got so many great tracks of undiscovered artists who struggle with finding a record deal or even support for their tracks.

Busy times ahead, with (already!) new music to be released. Any surprises for the next few months?

Yes, definitely. We will release two wicked remixes of „I Can Feel (Fingertips)“ by LINIER & YAHLIC on May 17th. My new track „The One“ will be released on June 14th on Love & Other / Toolroom. I can’t wait to show you the record.

What single night out has been the most memorable for you as a DJ? And as an attendee ?

The most memorable show as a DJ was playing at “Reading Festival” in a completely packed tent for BBC Radio 1. I’m still getting goosebumps thinking about it ! 

One of the best concerts I have ever been to is still “Faithless”. I got so much inspiration from the live show as a kid that I started to play drums and a few years later to produce music.

Last question, from all the Music eras : if you could eternally be stuck in one year, which would it be ?

2001 – It was all about house music.

Ferdinand Weber Press Pic.

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