Interview: CLMD & Tungevaag Share New ‘DANCE’ Gem

Norway has long been home to great songs that pique interest of fans the world over, and CLMD are certainly now part of that tradition. Now, he teams up with fellow countryman Tungevaag, who recently released ‘Play’ with international electronic star Alan Walker, and they want you to feel like dancing! Their new collab, suitably entitled, “Dance” is a high-energy, feel-good dose of dance-pop.
With waves of driving piano keys and anthemic worthy horns “Dance” is an infectious and effortlessly cool ode to living your best life. “This song is simply about dancing… Or, let me rephrase; it’s about loosening up” shares CLMD via Earmilk. “Too many people choose to do what’s expected of you in this life. School, education, steady job, etc. – instead of loosening up and following your dreams (which in this case is dancing). We’ve chosen the dream and are encouraging others to do the same!”.

CLMD was founded and curated by Martin Danielle in 2010, and the project has only grown with each release. The 2016 single “Dust” included on his first full-length 2018 album “Phases” has been his biggest release to date, and he has been recognised for touring and releasing music with the likes of Astrid S, Steve Angello, Calvin Harris and Avicii.

For the release of ‘Dance’, we had the chance to meet Martin for a few questions, to know a bit more about the track, discuss music, exclusives, and many more…

Hey Martin! First of all, can you tell us more about CLMD?

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Hey! CLMD is your new favorite DJ and music producer. I’ve been working in the music industry for a small decade, and I think my first commonly known track was Black Eyes and Blue, which was featured in the Ultra Festival After Movie of 2012.

You’ve just releasedDANCE’ recently with fellow Norwegian Tungevaag, catchy title! What’s the story behind it?

Tungevaag and I have known each other for years and had talked about getting together in the studio for a long time. So we finally got together in the studio this summer, and decided we wanted to play around and see where it took us. So we ended up with “DANCE”, and we loved it and just instantly knew we had to release it.

What’s your creative process for making music? Maybe do you have some tips to share?

I’m all about playing around in the studio, I feel like if you don’t have fun when making the track, people listening to it won’t have fun – its all in the vibe, you know. I love new impulses and need to challenge myself in my personal life to stay inspired in the studio. My best tip for creating music is to stop being too hard on yourself. I used to stress a lot when creating music, thinking I needed to churn out hits to stay on top of things. Today I’ve realized that if I relax, I’m inspired for much longer and the tracks turn out that much better. Be nice to yourself, and life will be good to you.

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What are next month’s highlights for you, any releases ahead? Maybe touring plans?

We just had a baby actually, so I’m holding back on the touring for the next month, and as Christmas is fast approaching I’m also holding back on new releases. But I have a lot of great tracks ready for release in 2020 and I’m hitting the road again in early December.

Last but not least, what single night out has been the most memorable for you as a DJ? And as an attendee?

-As I DJ it must have been playing Pacha NYC as support for Steve Angello a couple of years ago. Steve was delayed from another festival he had played, so  i got the opportunity to play over 1 hour extra straight into the main slot. Pretty epic experience!

– As an attendee, it must have been when I saw SHM at Ultra Music Festival in 2010 and they played my track ¨The Message¨! Needless to say, I was blown away.

CLMD Tungevaag Press Photo 'Dance'

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