SAINT WKND Releases Indie-Pop Splendor “Ridin’ Solo”

For this new single, SAINT WKND joined forces with his best-friend and co-writer Clouds to present a wonderfully emotive laid-back indie-pop piece, with mellow guitar riffs: “Ridin’ Solo”.

Recalling the creative process that brought them together in their church studio, the two producers share: «This song is the prime example that you can spend hours over- analyzing a song, you can dial a synth for hours. Or you grab a guitar and start playing and you instantly create a vibe. That’s what the whole SAINT WKND journey is about lately. Implementing real instruments as there is a whole different frequency/vibration swinging with. A fusion of electronic music production combining the airy indie pop mood ».

From hawaiian and Brazilian roots, singer-songwriter Malou is to look out for. Her soft but yet devastating vocals serve well to this piece. Malou has been enchanting audiences with her magnificent songwriting, unique voice and her thoughtful, reflective attitude. Asked about the motivations behind the song, they explain: « We wanted the song to be about the bittersweetness when infidelity becomes a topic in a relationship. Rather than falling in an emotional hole the song continues speaking about rising above the problem. There is no shame in ridin’ solo at all. It’s about empowerment».

Listen "Ridin' Solo" :

One of the fastest rising stars in the electronic music world, SAINT WKND got his start uploading wildly successful remixes to SoundCloud, becoming an overnight blog favorite before achieving mainstream success with the release of his debut original ‘Lost (Runaway)’ via Spinnin’ Records

Since then, the German DJ/Producer has seen nothing but success, performing at some of the world’s biggest festivals including Lollapalooza Berlin, Electric Forest, Electric Zoo or Elements Festival, as well as releasing his debut EP ‘Golden Youth’ to great critical and commercial acclaim. 

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After a brief musically-focused hiatus, SAINT WKND has made quite a significant comeback with a string of fresh releases and performances. New single “Ridin’ Solo” comes as the perfect follow-up to his last three singles where he introduced a new artistic direction leaning into indie-pop oriented productions. Among those, the single ’Crashin’ featuring sensation Vancouver based DiRTY RADiO.