Berlin-Talent Marc Brauner Drops Dreamy ‘Rendezvous’

German DJ and producer Marc Brauner makes his debut with Spanish label theBasement Discos with this dreamy EP under the name of Rendezvous. Inspired by those late evening gatherings with friends, beers and good vibes, he has put together an EP that encompasses these feelings perfectly.

This EP is a product of his own experiences in the last few months in his hometown of Berlin, a result of digging into new sounds and exploring his deeper side hours at a time in his studio. An adventure split into three cuts that entices you to relax and explore your inner self. A combination of timeless pieces that show a side of electronic music that sets itself aside from the frantic dance floor dynamic to submerge itself into other more relaxed environments.

This EP ends with an hypnotic remix by Tender Games who adds his own style with some cosmic disco sounds and a perfect dose of his own vocals.

Listen 'Rendezvous' :

Born in Berlin, Marc Brauner started playing drums when he was five and practiced for 8 years while playing in a percussion band. As a teenager he discovered producing music with the computer and started to make his first Hip Hop beats. Later in 2009 he was introduced to House music, and found his passion right away. His production range goes from Classic House to Deep House, Break Beat up to Black influenced music like RnB or Funk. No doubts about that, Marc Brauner is a real promising talent, and we’re already eager to hear what’s next!

Marc Brauner Press Photo Berlin

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