Martin Garrix & Zedd Release Long-Awaited Collaboration, “Follow”

After the superb release with Disclosure through the song ‘You’ve Got To Let Go If You Want To Be Free‘’Zedd posted a short video with the Dutch DJ Martin Garrix by his side in the studio. The two EDM superstars have both reached the pinnacle of success in the electronic music scene but maintaining a close friendship over the past two years, the collaboration was long overdue, with Garrix and Zedd talking about doing a song together for nine years. 

Listen ‘Follow’:

The sound of the two producers are clearly identifiable. The melody and some synths sound totally Garrix while the bassline and the drums are clearly Made in Zedd. The result is rather satisfying, the power of the track is very appreciable and will be very effective on the next live performances of our two DJ’s.

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