IT: Discover 17Yo Dirtybird Talent Cour T. & ‘Joker Jungle’

Very few artists make us as excited about music as Cour T. So far every single demo has been signed by Claude VonStroke and he’s only 17 years old! After the critically acclaimed ‘Black Magic’ a few months ago, his new track on Dirtybird ‘Joker Jungle’ is unique, featuring a rubbery synth patch that bounces on top of an extremely funky rhythm. Just like his previous release, the track sticks out and changes the mood of any set, instantly creating a sultry and strange tone. As a cherry on top, the label enlisted Spanish heavyweight Dennis Cruz for remix duties. You can expect to hear a lot more from Cour T. on Dirtybird for years to come!

And what better than an Interview for the occasion? We had the chance to meet the young prodigy for a few questions, about, obviously, ‘Joker Jungle’, music, his relation with Claude VonStroke, and more…

Hey Vinicius, such a pleasure to have you! So, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

First of all it’s an honor to be in this conversation with you! My name is Vinicius Bitencourt Monteferrante, I’m 17 years old I’m Brazilian from Curitiba.
I am a DJ and Music Producer for 4 years and very happy to be part of one of the biggest labels on the planet.
We’ve just picked your last gem ‘Joker Jungle’, on the distinguished label Dirtybird. Could you share an anecdote about it?
The story of this song is funny. When I did it I was doubtful to send it to Dirtybird, I never imagined that they would sign it because I launched BLACK MAGIC EP so recently there. About a week after sending to ‘Joker Jungle’ I saw in a Claude Vonstroke status playing it at the BBQ. It was huge news and I was very happy about it. (Jumps of joy, LOL, but that’s between us)

Speaking of Dirtybird, you’re the youngest artist ever to join the label! What led you to enter in Claude VonStroke’s family, at only 17 years old?

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The first time I sent a song to a label was Black Magic for Dirtybird. For me it was a surprise to sign with a label that I always dreamed of being part of. I think Claude likes my productions because it’s different, often weird.

You’re always experimenting new sounds. Is it important for you not to stick in just one genre?

I always try to mix different styles in my songs. Innovation in each production is essential to the artist, of course without losing your sound characteristic, what makes you be you. I think it is really necessary to create music, not only to do what is fashionable or to replicate something that already exists.

Now that you have unveiled ‘Joker Jungle’, what is in store now for Cour T. fans?

I have a lot of new songs stored up my sleeve. So that stay tuned in my networks soon will have news. I’m sure you will like what I’m preparing.

Finally, can you share five records that you can’t get enough of right now?

  • Ronald Christoph feat. Orlando – Take Off, Baby
  • Christian Martin, Ardalan – Super Moon
  • Fatima Yamaha – What’s A Girl To Do (Holt 88 Bootleg)
  • Justin Martin,Galen – Tumbleweed
  • Gettoblaster & Missy – Fantasy (Original Mix)
Cour T. Party Photo 2019

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