[IT] Marc Bianco Drops Debut Album On Folamour’s Label

French Jazz-House DJ-Producer-Pianist Marc Bianco just announced his debut album, the arrival of ‘Speak Like The Hurricane’ out now through Folamour’s own label FHUO Records.

Drawing on a myriad of influences ranging from Jazz, Classical, House and Neo-Soul, the album features a clutch of collaborations with artists like Folamour on ‘Pelicanism’, Yabon with ‘Late Message’ and ‘Speak Like The Hurricane’ or also Moshadee on ‘Chouq’ and the magnificent ‘P.P’.

About the album, Bianco says: “This album was recorded and conceived in 2018 and was produced from material accumulated over many years through collaborations or studio sessions. Once I wrote the songs, I decided to pair them with relevant singers who I felt have the ability to grasp the direction taken on each of the proposed instrumentations. I wanted to pay homage to the legendary Herbie Hancock and take inspiration from Funk Jazz band Headhunters, with songs like ‘Speak Like the Hurricane’ (mixing two classics written by Herbie Hancock, ‘Speak Like a Child’ and ‘The Eyes of the Hurricane)”.

FHUO Records previous releases have included an ambient soundtrack album, Hip-Hop beats, Neo Soul and Electronic Music, showcasing a diversity in genres and once again pushes the boundaries with Marc Bianco’s latest release, one of France’s all time finest jazz pianist.

Known for his House productions and his project Kimosabe with Folamour, Marc Bianco decided to go back to the roots for his first long format under his real name. Coming from improvisation live Jazz and the connection between composing and sharing energy he decided to mix all these ideas into a beautiful experience going through cinematic universes from one track to the other.

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‘Speak Like The Hurricane’ was released on 13th September, and we had the chance to ask some questions to Marc about his debut album, to learn more about him, the future and more… Enjoy!

Hey Marc, thanks for your time ! Let’s begin with yourself, can you tell us a bit more about you ?

Hello, its Marc. I learned piano when I was young and I discovered jazz when I was 14 and to be more precise, the beginning of this love for this music was when I bought a compilation of Herbie Hancock called “Mr Funk”. If I tell u this story its cause, to understand why I am producing this kind of music like my last album, its more easy when u know my biggest influence. The Headhunters band (Herbie’s band).

You’ve made a great impression with your debut-album ‘Speak Like The Hurricane’. What’s your recipe to cook these treats ? Any inspirations ?

To be honest, I produced a lot of club tunes in the past, but I really didn’t like that. So, I just decided to do an album about my roots and my vision about soul music. We can call this as future jazz. My biggest influences are, like I said, Herbie with his band Headhunters, but the Bassist heros’ Jaco Pastorius shoked me too (he played on one of Herbie’s fusion album).

Following your inspirations, any artist you would love to work with ?

I have a big admiration for the singer Bilal, it would be unbelievable to collaborate with this guy.

What can we expect for the rest of the year, do you have some secret plans to share with us ?

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My next record gonna be more hip hop, with a collaboration with a New York rapper called Taphari and its gonna be released on the young label Fada record. Few gigs in the next autumn with the bro Folamour who invites me on a lot of dates of his tour.

Quick bonus-question, what makes a good party for Marc Bianco ?

Theo Parrish as dj and the party gonna be awesome.

Marc Bianco Photo 2019

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