Interview: Mahmut Orhan Pursues Rise With New Remix

Mahmut Orhan’s fresh combination of soulful deep house, groovy indie dance, and worldly elements from his own cultural experiences has landed him solidly amongst today’s most promising dance music artists.

With the 2016 release of his hit track “Feel” (feat. Sena Sener), Orhan amassed 260 million combined streams on YouTube and Spotify; received top-20 honours in both iTunes’ Dance and Global in close to two dozen countries; reached the #1 track in iTunes’ Dance and Main Charts in 11 countries and 5 territories respectively; and rose to #25 Worldwide on Shazam —and that’s all for one song in his growing catalogue of inspired work!

Bursa-born Mahmut Orhan got his feet wet in the dance world by remixing tracks from the 80s and 90s. After steadily gaining momentum with releases on multiple labels, he is now approaching the forefront of the global house community. The aforementioned “Feel”, released by Ultra Records, is a strong display of his impending trajectory. Orhan’s artistry to date has received not only a number of official accolades, but also respectful nods from radio stations, tastemakers, and bloggers, but it doesn’t stop there. 2018 has seen his acclaimed album ‘ONE’ and the Turkish producer took a flying start in 2019 with ‘Schhh’ and ‘Hero’ with the multi-talented Irina Rimes on vocals.

Hey Mahmut, such a pleasure to have you ! So, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’ve been a music lover since 1993.

We’ve just picked your ‘Swing’ Remix for Sofi Tukker, what a gem! Could you share an anecdote about it?

I got really excited when I got the remix request from Ultra. I love Sofi Tukker and I thought our music styles would be a good match. I instantly got into my studio and started working on it. I finished the project in two days. The groove is a bit different compared to my other remixes. I play it live in my sets and the reaction of the crowd always amazes me.

You’re always experimenting new sounds. Is it important for you not to stick in just one genre?

It’s an ever-changing world. So, it’s important for me to experiment with new sounds and styles every day. I implement my feelings to my music then I combine it with the styles of the modern music world. I never stick in just one genre. I always evolve.

Now that you have unveiled this Remix and your latest single ’Hero’, what is in store for Mahmut Orhan fans? Maybe a Tour?

I’m joining the military service for 20 days. After that, it will be an exciting tour and lots of good events.

Finally, can you share five records that you can’t get enough of right now?

  • ZHU ft. DJ Snake – No More
  • Guy Gerber- What to Do (&ME Remix)
  • Duke Dumont – The Power (ft. Zak Abel)
  • Meduza – Piece of Your Heart (ft. Goodboys)
  • CamelPhat & Cristoph – Breathe (ft. Jem Cooke)
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