Interview: Get To Know French Rising Talent NEZZY

Budding French wonder kid and multi-instrumentalist who includes guitar and piano in his arsenal of music making tools, NEZZY is swiftly becoming a one-to-watch producer and a breakthrough talent that is not to be slept on.

Having grown up in a home where music was constantly played by his father, NEZZY developed a strong ear for unique sounds which saw him drawing inspiration from a broad mixture of artists, across several genres, from the likes of Nirvana and Guns’n’Roses, to Martin Garrix, Madeon, David Guetta and San Holo.

Following a whirlwind of success, with tracks like “Parallel Lines” (supported by Trap Nation amongst others), “Cravings” or “You & Me” (NCS Release), the 20-year-old artist now pursues his breakthrough with ‘snowfall’ – a dazzling new single which comes as a foretaste of his upcoming debut album (due out on his 20th birthday), marking a new beginning.

More than a review, we had the chance to meet Lucas aka NEZZY for an exclusive Interview, to know a bit more about him, discuss his album, music, future plans, and more.. All is below, enjoy!

Hey Lucas, welcome on Sidekick! Let’s start with yourself, who is NEZZY?

I’m 19 years old and music has been my favorite hobby since I’m a kid. Music instruments have always caught my attention, I have a creative fiber and it appears that music is the best way I’ve found to express myself. 

Congrats on your new gem ‘snowfall’, what a tune! What’s the story, the idea behind this record?

It’s the first single to annonce my debut album but it’s one of the oldest tracks I’ll have on the tracklisting. I composed it almost two years ago, when I tried to wrap up a kind of short EP (that was never released. It’s probably influenced by Petit Biscuit as I recall listening a lot to his ‘Presence’ album. At that time, it had a smoother mood than what I was used to do musically speaking, something more chill and retro. I think it’s the first track where I felt like having defined my artistic identity. It’s a creative track and the structure is really uncommon, with cinematic moments melt with energetic drops. 

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NEZZY Press Photo 2021 - Studio 2

It’s also the first single of your upcoming debut album, due out in June. Any info that we could get about this one?

I always dreamt of releasing an album. I’ve started taking this seriously at the beginning of 2020 after a sentimental break down. I see an album like a story-telling from the first notes till the end. It’s a mixture of all the emotions and feeling I’ve been through, there is melancholy and joy, laid back and uptempo. It’s going to be very eclectic in the end but I worked a lot to make this first album sound very personal. 

We’re now at a year of pandemic, and it seems like this is never-ending… How have you held up during lockdowns, and what has kept you creative?

At first, it was a good thing for me as lockdown allowed me to stay in my bedroom-studio. It motivated me to compose a lot and I spent most of my time being creative, so I didn’t suffer too much. I admit that since a few months, I feel more and more frustrated, I’d love to hang out with my friends, travel to find new inspirations and find the way back to the DJ booth, which is something I really miss !

Tell us about the origin of your music, what are your influences?

I’ve always listened to different genres of music, looking for new things and innovative artists. When I was 5 or 6 years old, I liked having fun on rock music, but my father was a big fan of electronic music. Daft Punk, Paul Kalkbrenner, Carl Cox were on repeat at home. So I naturally fell in love with these sounds, even if I quickly knew I had something more calm and nostalgic inside of me. When I got to compose my first tracks, I made several tries and I found out about new genres like Future Bass and ChillWave, that match more about my own feelings. Among the artists who influenced me the most, I can quote San Holo and Kasbo.

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Are there any upcoming artists that you would love to collaborate with, or artists that you would dream to work with?

Without hesitation, a collab with San Holo would be the best gift ever. The way he lives his music, his chord progressions, his ability to write both melancholic and feel good music… Lately, I’ve noticed he followed me on Twitter, I was so happy ! I also love vocals and I admit that something with Dua Lipa would make me very happy, too… 

Last but not least, can you share five records that you can’t get enough of right now?

It’s a very tough question due to the large amount of music and genres I’m used to listen to. But here’s five tracks I can easily quote : 

  1. San Holo – Light
  2. Kasbo, Frida Sundemo – Over You
  3. Forester – Lost
  4. Bicep – Glue
  5. Daft Punk – Rollin’ & Scratchin’ (one of the tracks that really motivated me to create music)
NEZZY Press Photo 2021 - Studio 3

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