Parisians SACRE Discuss ’09:00PM The Coconut Bar’

Time for a drink ?🍹 SACRE sat down in #SidekickStory to discuss their ’09:00PM The Coconut Bar’, enjoy ! 🥥
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"3rd song of our Love Revolution album, this track is about that moment when you are close to make a big change in your life. When you picture all what you’ve done wrong or right. When you decide what was happy or sad. This is the time/track of freedom. This song is part of a 12 hours/songs story. Now it’s 9pm and a girl with a red beret is about to meet a love preacher in the famous Coconut Bar. This encounter will bring hope, dance, margaritas and love !"
Hawaii and Sukil, the two parisian artists behind SACRE, are definitely living on their own planet.
« Summer banger », « simply a breath of fresh air » « a triumph of minimalistic electronic pop » is how great names like Pharrell Williams, The Line Of Bestfit, Billboard Magazine or Clash Magazine describe their music.

After having released between 2017 & 2018 a five track EP and a seven-tracks remixes EP, they are now disclosing their new album, released track by track every first friday of the month, starting on january 2019. This project reunites music, photography and storytelling. 12 characters for 12 hours. A Love Revolution !

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