Brierley Returns With New Feel-Good Dance Hit ‘Tropics’

Brierley​ returns with his latest feel good dance hit ‘Tropics’. The Leeds based producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist has teamed up with Nashville-based rising star and singer-songwriter, ​Madysyn Rose​, long time collaborators and friends,​ Fabriq ​and ​Mikko​ to give this track a fresh vibe and display the evolution of the Brierley brand.

With a string of ​popular​ releases under his belt, relentless support from Spotify’s in-house playlist curators and ​millions of streams ​to date – Brierley is now a leading force in the world of summer-tinged deep/Nu-house and 2019 will see a string of releases reflecting his penchant for all things that could be described as ‘80’s’ or ‘LA’.

Speaking about ‘Tropics’, Brierley said “​I found Fabriq’s single ‘Electric Flow’ in my discover weekly playlist in early 2017. I heard it again around October 2017 and around this time I was looking for some collaborators for a new single. Hit them up on Facebook, seemed like great guys, they sent me some demos they were working on and we decided to finish Tropics together. The title is great too as it fits my aesthetic perfectly.​” He added also :

" 'Tropics' is about telling your crush the way you feel. You know that there will be no stress, no social masquerades, and most certainly no games. Originally, the word "love" was used repeatedly and I had to ask Fabriq to change, because I hate love songs ! "

The lead single, and the result of hard work from the talented musician ‘​Tropics – Brierley / Fabriq / Mikko Feat Madysyn Rose​’ adds a new and creative flare on the original track. Added into the mix with this track is a touch of attitude from ​Madysyn Rose, ​a rising star in the world of Country/Pop crossover based out of Nashville. Mikko, another up and coming British producer, brings an​ innovative electronic feel​ to the music taking ‘​Tropics​’ to a whole new level.

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