Luke Solomon Delivers Exclusive Mix In ‘Nu Groove Vol.2’

Originally started in 1988 by Frank and Karen Mendez as an outlet for some of Rheji and Ronald Burrell’s more experimental musical adventures, Nu Groove was very much a reflection of New York’s house sound. The label would go on to help launch the careers of a number of local talents including Joey Beltram and Kenny Dope. The releases from the label also supplied DJs across the globe, especially those who presided over the Second Summer of Love in the UK, with an innovative new kind of dance music. Now returning for the second in the series, Nu Groove Volume 2 continues to pay its respects to the iconic label.
The 4 To The Floor stable nurtures the Nu Groove catalogue with caring hands, with the second in a series of specially curated compilations celebrating the rich history of the influential label. Following suit with Volume 1, expect a collection of the diverse and futuristic sounds selected by Classic Music Company boss Luke Solomon, showcasing the catalogue that made Nu Groove the legendary and ground breaking-label that it is today.
Now, along with the Burrell Brothers illustrious collection of releases, further titles have been added to the catalogue for Volume 2, from artists like Project “86”, The Vision, DTR and Houz’ Negroz, K.A.T.O, Avant Garde and Asylum, with the classic tracks sounding fresh as ever for 2019.  This compilation showcases of the label’s sound, with all the music as the producers intended, in full-length, unmixed format as well as an exclusive mix from Luke Solomon himself.
  1. Luke Solomon ‘4 To The Floor presents Nu Groove Volume 2 Mix (Continuous Mix)
  2. The Vision ‘Laidback & Groovy’
  3. K.A.T.O. ‘Fantasies Of Lust’
  4. Jazz Documents ‘Secret Code’
  5. Aphrodisiac ‘Just Before The Dawn (Remould)’
  6. Avant Garde ‘C’Mon (Keyboard Mix)
  7. N.Y. House’n Authority ‘Surveillance Cameras’
  8. Asylum ‘Voicez’
  9. K.A.T.O ‘6:15pm’
  10. N.Y House’n Authority ‘Landscaping’
  11. Houz’ Neegroz ‘I Wanna Say (Da Da Da Dah)’
  12. N.Y. House’n Authroity ‘New Elevators’
  13. House Of Peace ‘Such A Feelin (Vocal)’
  14. Houz’ Neegroz ‘Keep Dance’n’
  15. Houz’ Neegroz ‘How Do U Luv A Black Woman?’
  16. N.Y. House’n Authority ‘Boiler Repair’
  17. DTR featuring Marilyn Sareo ‘Journey Into A Dream (Sex In Paradise)’
  18. Total Science featuring Freedom ‘Freedom (Club Mix)’
  19. The Barnyard Orchestra ‘Tasmanian Blues (C’mon Women) (Bamyard Dub)’
  20. The Sound Vandals ‘Tonight’s The Night (Club Mix)’
  21. DTR ‘How Many Times (Unity) (Free Flight)’
  22. The Vision ‘Shardé’
  23. Project “86” ‘Legends (86IX Mix)
  24. Houz’ Neegroz featuring Quiana ‘All Night Long’
  25. Underground Kids ‘Get Up (Summer Madness)
  26. Project “86” ‘Legends (Vocal Mix)’
  27. The Sound Vandals ‘On Your Way (Deep Mix)
  28. DTR ‘How Many Times? (Unity) (Acid Theme)’
  29. DTR featuring Marilyn Sareo ‘Journey Into A Dream (Funkapella)
  30. Project “86” ‘Legends (Legappella)’
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