5 Tips To Get Your Music On More Spotify Playlists

Getting your music featured on Spotify playlists is really important to increase your popularity. Stream counts are a major indicator of success for a song. First are the purely algorithm-driven playlists (Discover Weekly, Release Radar…), branded ones curated by record labels for instance, and also, most importantly the user-created playlists, which anyone can make. The latter are those we’ll focus on, as they sometimes have several hundreds thousands followers.

But how and where can you find these golden playlists to pitch your songs to ? If you missed it,  check our  Top 10 Spotify Playlist Curators You Can Submit For Free.

Also, our curation team is always looking for new music to update our Spotify Playlists. If you have a track, a new release or an EP that’s perfect for one of them, please submit to your desired Playlist on our Submission page.

👇 5 Tips To Get Your Music On More Spotify Playlists

1. The basics

Obviously, one can’t ignore the basics : Create your Spotify For Artist account, be active, creative and manage your own personal playlists around your releases, use the SFA pitching tool… There are no doubts about that, it’s the first step to gain subscribers; and if you’re looking for more tips, feel free to check Groover’s ultimate SFA guide!

2. Search your playlists by genre

3. Search your playlists by mood

Another advice, you can search your playlists by mood or “style”. A lot of playlists like “Workout”, “Rock Me Up!” or “Chillin on a Dirt Road” regroup the same-themed-songs, over a specific mood.

4. Check details in description

Once you found your playlists to submit to, check the infos in the description. In most cases, you will find a submission form. Bonus tip: try to search “gmail”, “hotmail” or other email providers in Spotify to have all playlist results which contain a mail adress!

5. If not, don't worry !

But most times, it won’t be so easy. Many private curators are open to pitches via Facebook or other social media. Once you targeted the private curator, by his username/first & last name, playlist… Make sure to ask if he’s open to submission to avoid any blacklisting once again. Then, keep going, you’re almost there!