Interview: NuDisco Trio Patawawa Discusses ‘Wires’

Patawawa (yes you read it correctly!) are the latest act to team up with Dutch Boogie dons Kraak & Smaak for their burgeoning Boogie Angst imprint. Their bouncing new track ‘Wires’ will feature on the forthcoming Boogie Angst compilation ‘Edition Two’ and serve as the lead single ahead of the full collection’s release in December.

Hailing from the small town of Matlock in Derbyshire, they specialize in funky pop indie jams with more than a small sprinkling of disco. Think the catchiness and songcraft of Chic crossed with the cheekiness and instant likability of Chromeo and you’re in the right ballpark.

On this occasion, Patawawa took time with Sidekick Music to discuss “Wires”, their last tour, and the future.

After a great year, your 2018 closes with « Wires ». What can you say about this song?

Beth and Rory got together one sunny day and wrote a song about the Wires in the room! Its deffo got the summer vibes so it can warm your cockles this Winter! 

Your UK Tour just ended, what’s your best memory ? A venue, crowd in particular ?

I think for all of us the London show was pretty special, we managed to fill out the Old Blue Last on a Wednesday night and everyone was so up for it! Boogieing away and singing along, it was proper vibes.

Though another special moment for us on tour was our last date in Sheffield, we had lots of friends and family there and it finished off our first ever tour incredibly nicely!

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Patawawa Press Pic

What’s your projects for the next few months ?

We went to Paris to record an EP and the first single drops on the 26th January! We are so excited to show the world what we have been up too! We will be touring a lot next year and doing plenty of festivals! We can’t wait to get back going again! 

Any other artist you’d love to work with ? 

There are loads we would love to work with!! Parcels, Franc Moody, Chic etc. 

What makes a good party for Patawawa ? 

Lots of beer, plenty of good tunes and proper solid vibes.

“Wires” follows that blueprint to a tee. Bringing the glittery goodness of yesteryear up to date with 2018. Lead singer – Beth Garrett’s vocal melodies glide effortlessly over a solid disco groove that transforms into a full-on festival of sound with punchy horns, samba vibes and of course a cowbell !

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