Jafunk Takes Control Of The New Sidekick Story Episode

A good & funky thursday with Jafunk, in #SidekickStory ☕ And it’s not too late to listen Marble Empire‘s gem of last week.

👉 Stream here: http://smarturl.it/sidestory

Full anecdote:

“When I made Dazed I was really into music with disco samples, and wanted to do a sampled track for my own project. The main sample for the beat comes from The Spinners ‘I’ll be around’, however there are also a few other less noticeable samples. The main drum loop is an old 70s disco drum break, and the watery chord sound at 0:49 is a pitched & reversed sample from Jamiroquai’s ‘Feel So Good’. After finishing the beat I was driving in the car and Usher’s ‘You Don’t Have To Call’ started playing on the radio. I got out of my car, went inside, tried the acapella over the beat, and it fit perfectly! The track came together quite quickly after that.”

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