Introducing The New Single “Lazy” From Savi Minds

After releasing his first single “Dreaming”, New Jersey based songwriter and producer SAVI MINDS, the musical moniker of Mikale D’Andrea, back with his new song “Lazy” which comes out on today. Recorded in his Glendale studio, with additional help on bass from Theo Quayle, the song draws inspiration from bands such as Rufus du Sol and Roosevelt, along with 90’s house legends Daft Punk.

Addresses growing up in an abusive household, D’Andrea is currently using his songwriting as a form of catharsis. Speaking about that, he says, “ I’ve always written songs about my life experiences, but this is definitely the first time that I’m writing about such a specific part of my life. ” He goes on to add, “ Living at home wasn’t easy for me and my sister. Name calling was pretty common. It was hard to be a confident kid when everything I did at home, was shot down. There was no way to win, and it felt like I couldn’t breathe.”

In this way, the new single “LAZY” sets out to recreate this feeling of asphyxiation, mixing non-stop drums pounding on every beat, and reverb drenched guitars swirling around the melody. D’Andrea sings, “Kinda wish I never loved you, but I did/ Family’s always first ” It’s a song of triumph, in finally growing up and coming to terms with his upbringing. He adds, “ At the time I thought I was alone, but I’m starting to realize that isn’t the case. There are so many kids out there going through what I did….But this is my story, and it feels good to be singing about it, and to be able to get out with just a few scratches. ”

Very impressed by this particular atmosphere, a sort of melancholic French Touch, “Lazy” is a great surprise for Sidekick Music, and we look forward to listening more of SAVI MINDS.

LAZY is out now :