Amélie Martinez And The duo Vendredi, Release A New Track About Love ‘Amore Mio’

Amélie Martinez is a singer-songwriter from the Toulouse region. With her singing accent, she explores the possibilities with her voice, and navigates between different musical styles, starting from the French pop and tending towards the electro. She is known for her track “Dans la Peau”, in collaboration with Ash, counting today more than 15 million streams.

On its side, Vendredi is a duo composed of two artists: Guillaume and Emil-Jan. Originally from France and the Netherlands respectively, where they pursue their passion for music, they met in Geneva in 2018 and experienced their first breakthrough. In particular, they made a name for themselves by performing in palaces, whether for Swiss watchmakers or for wine and spirits brands. Why the name Vendredi? On the one hand, it is undoubtedly the best day of the week. On the other hand, it represents the total freedom, dear to the duo. Their sweet covers each count a few million streams, bringing in 300k monthly Spotify listeners.

Listen to 'Amore Mio':

Amélie Martinez and the duo Vendredi met two years ago, having worked under the same label. Their two musical universes, as different as they are, pleased each other. The duo Vendredi sent a first production to Amélie, who was immediately inspired!

They then scheduled a remote studio session. When Amélie starts to play some melodies, Vendredi adds layers of electronic sounds, creating a hypnotic wall of sound. The rhythms synchronize, the sounds mix and the fusion comes to life.

The artist from Toulouse brings a traditional touch with her voice, while the Swiss duo adds a modern flavor, with electronic beats and samples. It’s a perfect marriage of two seemingly different worlds, creating a captivating musical experience.

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With ‘Amore Mio’, a love song that Amélie wrote for both herself and her other half, the trio arrives with a first track with a melody composed on the piano, enhanced with electronic beats and samples. This new track will transport you!

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