Napkey Duo Releases Their Next Single “Tu Te Réveilles”

Revealed on Spotify last year with up to 20 Millions streams, Paris-based duo NAPKEY release “Tu Te Réveilles”, the second single extract from the upcoming album “SOLSTICE” (end of 2018), presenting a captivating voicy world, intertwined into a retro futurist electro pop.

The single was released on 13 June 2018, a real melodic outlet where dreams, reality and voices are mixed. On powerful and detonating choruses, Napkey allows the awakening of conscience. More than music, Club Sandwich Club (duo of directors/illustrators in cinema and advertising) made an animation clip, paying tribute to Asimov’s science fiction. The clip discloses how Napkey leads SOL in his quest, by the « humanity’s keys » way.

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