Kiey Teases Third Album: ‘white boy i sat next to on the plane’

Multi-faceted singer, songwriter and producer Kiey is back, announcing his third album with the first English single from the project ‘white boy i sat next to on the plane’. The track is built around a beautiful piano line, allowing the introduction of orchestral strings, rich synths and reverberant percussion.

Kiey balances alt-pop sensibilities with cinematic scale, telling a comprehensive story of his experiences and emotional confusion. His vocal performance feeds into the ethereality of the track, building unusual chords with his vocal harmony and utilising momentary processing to make certain lines more poignant.

Kiey dives into the new single, ”’white boy i sat next to on the plane”’(yes the title is that long) first came to me during many of my working trips to Sapa, Vietnam. I already had this addictive piano riff in my Google drive that I kept playing over and over, thinking how to make a song over it. Bits and pieces of the melody were already forming in my mind but it was still incomplete because I didn’t know what the subject of the song should be. It wasn’t until when I was on a flight back to HCM, where I saw a beautiful guy sitting across the aisle that it dawned on me the idea of the song title! I quickly wrote the lyrics down over a couple of days and when it was finished, I was so excited because it came out exactly as I imagined it!”

Listen to 'white boy i sat next to on the plane' here:

The track also comes alongside a music video that shows Kiey’s eye for creative visual media. Interpreting the atmosphere of the track through both movement and colour, the video enhances both the story and the audience’s connection to the track with stunning yet minimalist shots.

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Born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Kiey has always maintained a passion for music, beginning to take it seriously in 2013 while attending King’s College London. His talents for music production developed, leading to 2019’s 12-track album ‘Night To Myself’, showcasing Kiey’s musical flair and resourcefulness.

2022 saw a further evolution of Kiey’s sound with ‘Sunday Sanctuary’, an electro-pop project which came alongside five well-received music videos. In 2023, the artist returned to his Vietnamese roots with ‘Mê Cung’, alongside putting together an art exhibition featuring Kiey’s songs, releasing merchandise, working on his performances and duetting with diva My Linh on stage.

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