TromBobby Releases Sneak Peak Single Of Vol. 2

“PAUSE VOL.1 was made in my “play it all live” era. Last year I finally got my driving licence and the music I found best as a road trip soundtrack was the J Dilla beat tapes. Coming back to using the MPC after more than a decade, triggered my desire for simplicity. Not every song needs a B part, a bridge, crazy chord changes, etc. I took it back for VOL.2.

I feel good about this body of work. It’s definitely more diverse as a follow-up and I made it completely sober so it hits differently. Got a chance to work with some beasts and it still feels like a dream.”


Listen to 'Like Me' here:

Building upon the legacy that PAUSE VOL.1 became, TromBobby returns with the next series installment. Different, mature, and vibrant.

The release has been in the works since January 1st with the very first beat TromBobby made in 2023, The track titled “Jesus in a Rocket” will be part of the vinyl release of PAUSE VOL. 2. It draws its inspiration from a unique encounter with a church adorned with a painted Jesus in a rocket in a charming little village in the mountains of Bulgaria, marking the start of this exciting musical odyssey.

The individuals with whom I had the privilege of collaborating on Pause vol.2 served as my primary source of inspiration for the music. I would also like to acknowledge my wife, Vittoria, who has been my muse and source of inspiration for the past ten years.”, elaborates the talented multi-instrumentalist.

The album features a galaxy of talented and inspirational artists from around the world, each of whom brings their unique perspective and energy into the sonic universe of PAUSE VOL.2 and that’s what makes this record so special.

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