Soulization Brings Us ‘No One Else’

Throughout my musical journey over the years, mainly being a session musician for a lot of artists, I’ve also been making my own music all the time. The idea to prepare a debut album came around 2 years ago and I’m so happy the LP finally sees the light of day. Holding Your Hand is influenced by the various music genres I’ve beeen listening to & it’s an honor to have such amazing artists join me, as well.


Listen to 'No One Else' here:

Bulgarian drummer, producer & multi-instrumentalist Vasil Vutev (or Soulization) delivers his debut solo album – a collection of ideas he’s been working on throughout his many years of musical experience.

Compiled as Holding Your Hand LP, the songs have a distinctive sound, blending influences from genres like electro-funk, hip-hop, future beats, soul, jazz, and even house. Flowing cohesively throughout, the album is united by the broken beat aesthetics & the pulsating synthesizers which provide a truly unique listening experience – on the fine line between experimental and soulful.

Thematically, the songs & the artwork wink at themes like the collapse of nature, the presence of artificial inteligence, the human relationships & much more.

Aside from Soulization’s solo endeavors, 5 of the songs feature 3 amazing artists. Legendary rapper Moka Only, a co-founder of Swollen Members and a collaborator of MF DOOM & J Dilla, joins the producer on the bright & funky hip-hop tunes “Nice To Know” & the 2nd single “Sophisticated”.

LA singer SAÍGO – the “dystopian future-soul voice” who’s worked with names like Satl, Maximono & Kan Wakan, appears on the 1st single “Be Here Now” & on “Float”.

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The 3rd single “No One Else” features one of Japan’s silkiest vocals, singer RiE MORRiS who’s collaborated with artists like edbl & Snowk. She shares about the release, “It’s been an honor to be part of this exciting project. I enjoyed working with such a cool track. It brought out my new voice and turned out to be a very original sexy tune. Since the track gave me plenty of space to do pretty much whatever I liked, I let my feelings decide the topic. Soulization’s beat sounds sexy, passionate, wild, mature, yet unstable all at the same time. So my lyrics turned out to be that way, too. We both love how it’s got a free style.”

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