Arky Waters Treats Us Again With ‘Take My Time’

Arky Waters is an Australian newcomer who is crafting a unique blend of breakbeat electronica with swelling techno influences, which has a sound that can be likened to a mix between Bicep, Overmono and Godford.

Just a few months ago Arky Waters treated us to a very impressive debut ep titled “Arky Sucks”, which saw him exploring the outer reaches of the breakbeat world, and his latest single ‘Take My Time’ has him delving even deeper.

As he reveals below this song was written just as the winter months were approaching and he feels that definitely helped set the overall mood of the song. He hadn’t really worked with a lot of breakbeats before now but was fascinated by how organic they can make a song feel.

Listen to 'Take My Time' here:

“This song came about as a sister record to my first EP ‘Arky Sucks’. I hadn’t played live in a while and so everything I was making was a bit more geared towards home listening. I was mostly listening to music on my commutes to work and wasn’t really thinking too much about making music for clubs.

Winter was approaching so I guess the cold weather also affected the mood of the track. I was heavy into all the UK breakbeat stuff that was popping off, artists like Bicep and Overmono. All that music just makes more sense in colder weather, probably because it’s super cold in the UK and I guess I was a bit closer to feeling the context of where the music was made. The way they used breakbeats was super fascinating to me and I hadn’t really touched breaks until the start of this year. There’s something incredibly human that it adds to electronic music.” ~ Arky Waters

‘Take My Time’ is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records.

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Songwriting & Production by Arky Waters
Mixing by Harry Hayes
Mastering by Suture Mastering
Artwork by Arky Waters
Press Photos by ngowyn, vaquerosounds & asense

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