B3AM Releases Ethereal New Single ‘High Road’

EDM artist B3AM is back with a sophomore single entitled ‘High Road’. The track starts with a masterfully atmospheric synth, outputting warm chords with a soft LFO hum to let you know this will be a high-octane track. Alongside a plucky arpeggiator come the vocals, silky smooth in delivery, angelic in melody and ethereal in harmony, everything you want for a hazy dance banger. As the track builds into the climactic drop, more synths and risers join the fray, melodies flourish and the drums begin to take shape.

By the drop the single has become a mass of screaming synths firing out memorable themes. A chest-thumping kick drum and reverberant clap take hold, powering the track into the stratosphere before letting go, settling into a lush simplicity for the ending.

Listen to 'High Road' here:

On the new single, B3AM shares:

“High Road is an uplifting dance track that tells a story of resilience with a backdrop of rousing melodies, tender vocals, and thoughtful songwriting. The song narrates a story of overcoming obstacles and never giving up, making it an uplifting anthem for those who face life’s challenges head-on.”

Despite a background in law, tech and finance, a love and passion for dance music eventually spurred B3AM on to become the producer and DJ he is today.. His sound is designed to inspire and stimulate his audience, characterised by uplifting melodies, positive lyrics and mesmerising light shows. His signature style is rooted in a blend of progressive house, big room, trance and afrobeats.

B3AM (pronounced ‘BEAM’) is renowned for his high-energy performances that feature stunning lighting and a contagious enthusiasm for the music he plays. He tries to make each moment of his set special and create true experiences for audiences.

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A unique melting pot of genres has allowed B3AM to become a prominent figure of the Nigerian EDM scene, and one to watch for a breakout onto the global stage.

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