Lemonade Baby releases his new EP ‘Xtra Pop’

Over the last few months Australian artist Lemonade Baby has given us two exceptional new singles – Don’t Stop (Keep on Keepin on) & Tints (feat. Kevin Collett) – which also came with the announcement that his debut ep was headed our way soon.

That ep is titled “Xtra Pop” and after two-years in the making he is very excited to be sharing that with us this week. It features the two above mentioned singles alongside three other unheard gems; “I’m Spinnin A Record”, “Dry Lungs” and ‘Hounds of Love’, which is a homage to the legendary Kate Bush as he covers her 1985 song, giving it his own signature flare.

“I am absolutely thrilled to announce the release of my labor of love, ‘Xtra Pop,’ a compilation EP that has been two years in the making. This project began with 40 demos, and after an incredible creative journey, I have carefully curated and refined it down to 5 tracks that I am immensely proud to share with the world. 

‘Xtra Pop’ is an exploration of my musical evolution, combining the nostalgia of 2000’s production with my own modern vocal stylings. It’s a bit of everything that has inspired me throughout my artistic journey, paying homage to the legendary Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, Kaytranda, as well as contemporary artists like Post Malone and Playboi Carti.

The EP takes listeners on a ride through various moods, from the allure of dark clubs to the exhilaration of pool parties and late-night drives. Each track reflects my life experiences, emotions, and artistic growth, and I can’t wait for you to immerse yourselves in this sonic adventure.

 ‘Xtra Pop’ is a true reflection of who I am as an artist. It’s a fusion of my influences, experiences, and creativity, I say with excitement. The production takes me back to the 2000’s, while my vocals and modern influences give it a fresh twist. This EP is a labor of love, and I hope it resonates with all of you.” — Lemonade Baby


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Listen to 'Xtra Pop' here:

Xtra Pop (EP) – Track by Track

1.Don’t Stop (Keep on Keepin on)
This song was inspired by a melody I heard in my head while at work. I quickly squatted downand recorded a voice memo and the hook just stuck. I wanted to start a mix of pop vocalswith an indie-dance beat. I wanted to capture a good-time club-vibe like with this song;dancing, drinking, hanging friends n girls!

2. Hounds of Love
I’m thrilled to share my first-ever cover song with the world, paying homage to the legendaryKate Bush and her timeless album ‘Hounds of Love.’ Inspired by tracks like ‘Big Sky’ and’Running up that Hill,’ I’ve infused my own style into this classic track cover ‘Hounds of Love’.

3.I’m Spinnin A Record
This songholds a special place in my heart. ‘Im Spinnin A Record’ is a reflection ofmy journey,embracing the idea that authenticity is the key to success in life. It’s about accepting andcelebrating who you are, without trying to be anything else.House music has been my passion from the start, and becoming a DJ has been a lifelongdream of mine. With ‘Im Spinnin A Record,’ I wanted to blend Playboi Carti-style melodicvocals with a mesmerizing Deep House production. The result is a captivating track that I amtruly proud of.

4. Dry Lungs
This song holds a special place in my heart as it delves into the journey of self-discovery andfinding one’s place in the world. Inspired by Fatboy Slim’s iconic production style, I infused thetrack with energetic drumbrakesand captivating synth lines, adding a modern touch withcrisp vocals.Inthis rendition, I’ve transformed the original into a dramatic 90’s euro-dance track, giving it afresh and captivating twist. As a big fan of Kate Bush, ‘Hounds of Love’ has always held aspecial place in my heart, and it’s anhonourto present my versionto you all.

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5.Tints (feat. Kevin Collett)
In Tints, I am trying to illustrate how we’ve all been‘charmed’by someone who has f*cked usover, but we don’t see it in the moment. You can’t see people’s eyes through tinted glasses,and there’s even a phrase thatsays,“rose tinted glasses,”which goes along with theconcept.

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