Discover ‘You’, the new track by the American-French artist MarMar

MarMar is an American producer living in France who is crafting a unique blend of atmospheric/indie-dance music, which has a sound that can be likened to a mix between Duskus, Odesza and Tourist. 

Since settling into his new life in a small town called Hem in the North of France, Mario Pedron has been busy working on a whole new collection of songs that he feels are an accurate reflection of the MarMar project’s direction.

Over the last few months, Mario has given us three exceptional new singles – Phoenix, Told You & At The End – which all received an inspiring amount of attention from music fans and curators across the globe, and he’s excited to be working with Mammal Sounds Records on his next release.

MarMar is giving us his next offering in August which is a beautifully chilled and nostalgic treat called ‘You’, which he reveals below was written in the middle of a forest on a sunny afternoon, and it captures the peacefulness that he was experiencing in that particular moment.

“ ‘You’ is a track I started in the middle of the forest one sunny afternoon. I was building a granular sample into some chords on my laptop, just sitting on the floor in the woods. The idea for the track took shape around the peace I was feeling and hearing in that moment, and the vocals I found ended up really tying everything together into what the track is now. “ — MarMar

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