The German Duo Gishfang Releases New Album ‘Monster Under My Bed’

gishfang, the German production duo known for their exceptional musical prowess and innovative style, is set to release their highly anticipated album, “Monster Under My Bed.” This extraordinary body of work serves as their magnum opus, showcasing their ability to transcend genres and create captivating instrumental music that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

Consisting of Max and Markus, gishfang are not only a triple-gold certified music production team but also lifelong friends hailing from the same city. Their deep personal connection finds expression in their music, evoking a myriad of emotions regardless of the genre they explore. “Monster Under My Bed” delves into the story of Sienna, who befriends a monster lurking beneath her bed, resulting in a transformative journey from anxiety to love. This soulful conceptual album unfolds like a cinematic experience, featuring 11 instrumental songs, 3 interludes, and an accompanying music video.

gishfang masterfully blends elements of soul, house, funk, and hip-hop to create a genre-fluid and cohesive sonic narrative. The first single, “RAWR,” stands as a pivotal moment on the album, symbolizing Sienna’s transformation of fears into friendships. The subsequent singles, “Monster Under My Bed” (title track) and “Loveletter (Interlude),” further accentuate the project’s cinematic allure, with the latter featuring a child’s narration to enhance the comforting ambiance. “Memento Nous,” a track reminiscent of Gramatik and FKJ’s signature vibes, enchants listeners with its elegant blend of lush flutes and groovy drums. “Mango Trees” featuring Lazlow encapsulates the classic gishfang sound beloved by fans and occupies a central position within the album. As a final teaser before the album’s full release, gishfang presents the optimistic house gem “Cookie Monster,” serving as a gateway into a more hopeful tone and symbolizing the blossoming relationship between Sienna and the monster. Through this captivating narrative, gishfang encourages listeners to contemplate their own relationship with fears and embrace them.

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Listen to 'Monster Under My Bed':

Max and Markus of gishfang shared their excitement about the album, stating, “Our full-length album ‘Monster Under My Bed’ is a beautiful concept album featuring 11 instrumental songs and 3 interludes, telling the story of the friendship between Sienna and the monster under her bed. As the gishfang fishgang is a water breed, every track flows seamlessly into the next for a smooth experience. The album’s production started with the title track, for which we had the privilege of recording half an orchestra. From that point on, it felt as though the album produced itself, with the creative process flowing naturally. Once again, we are in awe of the magic that flows from our creativity.”

gishfang’s musical achievements speak for themselves, with their triple-gold certification as a production duo. Their music has been featured in projects associated with prestigious brands such as NASA, Toronto Maple Leafs, and UCLA. Additionally, gishfang has collaborated with renowned entities such as BMG, Universal, IMDB, and Kontor, among others. Their tracks have been prominently featured on popular Spotify playlists like Jazz Vibes and Lounge – Soft House, while also finding a home on Apple Music’s Creative Focus and TIDAL’s In The Loop.

“Monster Under My Bed” promises to be a groundbreaking release that pushes the boundaries of instrumental music, taking listeners on a captivating journey of friendship and self-discovery. Be prepared to immerse yourself in gishfang’s extraordinary sonic landscape, where genres seamlessly blend, emotions are evoked, and fears are transformed into love.