Nezzy And Leila Pari Releases New Song To Remember The Good Old Days – ‘Don’t Want To Become You’

NEZZY has quickly become an artist to watch with the support of many esteemed producers and labels. A great musician, he has become known for his ability to play the guitar, pad and piano. He has already released a collection of 12 tracks that showcase his creativity and were released on his 20th birthday. The walk’, influenced by his love of Petit Biscuit, Kasbo and Odesza, offers the ultimate journey for the senses, showcasing NEZZY’s history throughout the album and demonstrating his creative flair and love for a multitude of genres.

Leila Pari is a multicultural singer, songwriter, & producer. She builds her shows from the ground up; writing all of her own music, producing, choreographing and creative directing. She is a multi-instrumentalist who loves to perform and connect with audiences about the beauty of being human and the strength we have to overcome all odds. Her raw narrative-based songwriting has captured well over a million individual listeners on Spotify without marketing or a record label.

Through their passion for music, they came together to create the track ‘Don’t Want To Become You’. A song that echoes the good old days.

Listen to 'Don't Want To Become You' :

In this song, “Don’t Want To Become You,” Leila Pari in which she talks about the fear of losing sight of herself and trying to be something she is not. The song strives to take you back to the good old days, to peace and freedom. 

A very nice collaboration between two passionate artists.

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