cln Returns With Second Captivating Album “Over, All Again”

Over the last few months Australian artist cln has given us a collection of exceptional singles – Undone, Into The Night, Endlessly & That Place – as he continued to build hype and anticipation for his upcoming second album “Over, All Again” which he is excited to be sharing with us all this week.

“Over, All Again” is a captivating 12-track collection of songs that take the listener on a journey through a variety of different songwriting and production techniques that Callan has been exploring over the last two years. He’s also worked with a variety of vocalists throughout this album including Holly HebeEilish GilliganLUUNGStephen GeislerBlve Diamond and px, who’s work on these songs is exceptional and they’ve helped Callan take this album as far as it needed to go.

Listen to 'Over, All Again' :

cln explains about the album:

“This album represents a real sonic shift for me. I don’t think it sounds anything like my previous work, and it is a big mix of sounds and genres. The album is also representative of the changes in my life over the last few years since Dawn Chorus was released.

One of the biggest changes between albums is my shift towards work in acoustic research. I spend a lot of my time trying to solve environmental and ecological problems using sounds and artificial intelligence. I mostly work on birds, and spend a lot of time in remote places deploying recorders. I hear some incredible soundscapes when I am out there, and they heavily inspire my work.

Throughout the album, you will hear scattered recordings of interesting sounds that I come across in my travel. I have some really cool stuff in there: Powerful Owl, Noisy Pitta, Marbled Frogmouth, Albert’s Lyrebird, and a bunch of other rare and interesting species. I have kept them quite subtle, so as not to overpower the songs, but I love that they are nestled in there. I think natural noises are about as beautiful as it gets, and they are my biggest inspirations for making music.

I have tried to make this album cohesive and unique. I have not tried to stick to any templates or genres. I have essentially just made music that I think sounds cool. If it resonates with others too, then that is a huge bonus and I find it a huge privilege that there are people taking time to listen to my work. I hope you enjoy it. Listen to it from start to finish if you can, preferably on a car ride to a beautiful unspoiled place. When you get there though, I encourage you to take out the headphones and enjoy the natural sounds instead.” ~ cln

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