Top 10 EDM Media & Blogs To Submit Your Music

Today, EDM media is a very good way to promote your music.

Whether you’re an artist, producer, or simply a fan of the genre, EDM has solidified its place in the hearts and playlists of many. With new trends and subgenres constantly appearing, more and more EDM blogs have started to surface online.

In this article, we’re going to present to you the top 10 EDM media & blogs to stay up to date with news related to the genre, as well as enrich your EDM knowledge. 

To make it easier, you can submit your music to sites like This site focuses on independent music and artists and will act as a link between you and the various platforms. With, you can more easily submit your tracks to Blog and Media EDM and increase your streams.

👇Top 10 EDM Media & Blogs To Submit Your Music


Link: is an essential blog for electronic dance music, with a mission to inspire and inform members of the community and the general public by providing balanced coverage of the worldwide EDM movement.

2. EDMNomad

Link: EDMNomad

A trusted source for news, music, festivals and everything related to the Electronic Dance Music scene, EDMNomad provides important information and updates regarding the music genre, making it an important blog to follow if you want to keep up with everything EDM.

3. We Rave You

Link: We Rave You

Founded in 2012, We Rave You is one of the leading dance music media platforms with millions of followers worldwide. With content covering events, festivals, reports and music reviews, We Rave You is an EDM Blog you definitely should follow.

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4. Dancing Astronaut

Link: Dancing Astronaut

Built for the global dance community, Dancing Astronaut is an independent EDM Media offering coverage related to the music genre. With news, updates, as well as features, photos and videos, Dancing Astronaut is definitely worth checking out.

5. YourEDM

Link: YourEDM

Sharing the latest and greatest about EDM music and culture, YourEDM provides various content from breaking news to updates, as well as editorials, interviews and even giveaways. This is an EDM media that will keep you up to date with everything related to the genre.

6. EDMTunes

Link: EDMTunes

Providing breaking-news, curated tracks, live event coverage, and insider artist updates, EDMTunes keeps you up to date with everything related to the genre. Ready to share the latest scoop on the cusp of the industry, this is an EDM media you should absolutely follow.

7. This Song Is Sick

Link: This Song Is Sick

Founded in 2010, TSIS has evolved into an important media for the EDM genre: music recommendations, breaking news, updates, and even live events, This Song Is Sick offers a variety of information and content relating to EDM.

8. EDM Life

Link: EDM Life 

EDM Life is a blog that offers news and updates related to the genre, as well as  puts forward events and concerts for EDM music. This is a media worth checking out if you’re looking to stay up to date with the latest EDM news.

9.EDM Identity

Link: EDM Identity

EDM Identity is a blog focused on the genre that aims to provide quality content about electronic dance music (EDM), and the culture that surrounds it in the US and abroad. Offering a plethora of news, updates, interviews and even event suggestions, this is one EDM media you should check out.

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10.UFO Network

Link: UFO Network 

Founded in 2015, UFO Network is a music entertainment company, a music publishing company and a network of record labels dedicated to sharing the latest and freshest electronic dance music. From news and updates to interviews and even music releases, UFO Network is an EDM media definitely worth checking out.