Malaa Releases New Album ‘Don Malaa’

Malaa, the artist masked, has become a key figure in the electronic scene. He finally unveils his very first album ‘Don Malaa’. 

After having made our mouths water with the tracklist and the first 3 tracks, we can discover in this album 10 exclusive tracks and a short introduction mixing mystery and rhythm. The tracklist makes you dream and the collaborations that Malaa made in this album are just incredible. We already knew about the collaboration with the expected DJ Snake, Tchami and Yung Felix but we also find nice collaborations with Tony Romera, A-Trak or the talented rappers Fivio Foreign, Jadakiss and, the legend of the Wu Tang Clan, Mr.Ghostface Killah.

Listen to the full Album 'Don Malaa' :

In this album, we discover Malaa’s very pronounced taste for US Rap. You can hear this on tracks like ‘The Game Is Dead’ and ‘No panic’. But what is most surprising about this first album is the artist’s inspirations. Malaa has certainly done ‘Malaa’ but he has also surprised with the different inspirations that illustrate the full potential of his artistic palette. 

In short, this album is a very nice surprise. After several years of building a particular identity, Malaa delivers a solid first album that is representative of his image. ‘Don Malaa’ is a well thought-out project. It’s a very solid album that will delight his fans. To tell you more SideKick Music’s favourite tracks are Hypnotic, How it is and Discipline.

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