Pink Panda Teams Up With Elize For Feel Good Anthem ‘I Like It’

PINK PANDA together with female powerhouse Elize team up to mark the return of Narcotic Thrust’s classic feel good anthem – ‘I Like It’ in a dazzling remake.

‘I Like It’ kicks off with a sultry melody enhanced by Elize’s textured vocals. The propelling production oozes with an uncontrollable groove perfectly paired alongside a catchy rhythm and a solid bassline. This feel-good tune serves a transmittable fire throughout listeners’ eardrums, audibly boasting palpable energy and atmospheric ambiance. ‘I Like It’ is a certified club hit and is sure to set dance floors across the world ablaze with energy.


Listen to 'I Like It' :

Talking about the song, the collective Pink Panda say:

“We always loved Narcotics Thrusts – I Like It. We felt it needed a fresh rework for the 2020’s. A few weeks later we had the instrumental but had the important task in finding a vocalist who could fit that specific sound we wanted. We performed with Elize during early summer this year as we’ve always been big fans of her music. During her performance we suddenly knew it had to be her voice and attitude on the record! Chatting at the after party we discovered ” I Like It ” was one of Elize’s all-time favorite tracks ! This was a sign that good things were to come. A few weeks later we received the track back & it was pure 🔥🔥🔥 we were so impressed on how Elize made it her own.  Finally get to release it to the world” !!!

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