George Gretton Reflects On The Mundane On His ‘Ordinary Life EP’

Over the last few months UK artist George Gretton has given us two exceptional singles “Morning (feat.theMIND)” and ‘Down To Earth (feat.Luna Pines)”–and with those releases also came news of his second ep titled “Ordinary Life”. George is very excited to be sharing that with us this week and as he reveals below it is a collection of songs that were inspired by the mundane everyday-life things. I feel those things became such a noticeable daily grind throughout the Covid lockdown period and left many people feeling that perhaps their lives aren’t quite exciting as they might have thought they were…

Listen to the full EP 'Ordinary Life' :

Breaking down the EP, George Gretton says :

“Ordinary Life is a collection of tracks about my relationship with the boring mundane stuff that I do and feel every day. It’s also about returning to ordinary life from the pandemic and really struggling to re-adjust, and also hating the idea of living a regular, uneventful & uninspiring life. 

Each tune is a different take on this, for example ‘Morning’ is about depressing runs of days where you don’t do anything or go anywhere. You do nothing and it makes you feel even less motivated and even more sorry for yourself. It can be such a vicious cycle. 

‘Formless’ is saying that I’m not going anywhere else. I’m not able to make it to all the places I dreamed of, but at least that means I don’t lose anyone along the way.

‘Weekdays’ is one of my favourites on this album. It’s about a realisation I had that having half your attention and time on your dreams and half your attention and time on real life means you end up being only half good at both. Feeling like you can only give half of yourself to something really bugs me. 

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The last tune, ‘Bullseye’, is about acknowledging that no matter what happens and who else lets you down, you’ve got to be the one championing yourself and stick everything you do out to the end.

There are sounds across the ep that I recorded from everyday things like sounds from the office, the home and even public transport.

To sum up, this ep isn’t a celebration of the everyday life but it’s definitely not a complaint either. It’s just saying, here we are, this is what we have, and this is what we do, and I hope people can relate to that!”

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