Moise Drops Groovy 70s-Leaning Funk Track ‘Burn You Out’

Moise understands good things take time and this new single is yet again proof of the value of patience. It sees Moise craft a 70s-leaning funk record sonically blessed with lush keys, groovy drum patterns and of course Moise’s smooth and soulful vocal tone, which take centre stage in this irresistible new single. 

Following his 2021 live album ‘Rock A Bye Baby’, this next evolution of his sound finds him channeling a fresh vision for the Minneapolis sound, one that was made famous by artists such as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Prince and The Replacements.

Listen ‘ Burn You Out’ :

Moise has been writing all his life about family, relationship and personal feelings through a rock infused r&b and soul music from his city of Minneapolis. Part of his upcoming full-length effort ‘We Survived the Storm’ that will be released in May, ‘Burn You Out’ is a sexy and playful Prince-influenced song that tells the autobiographical story of a player trying to be outside and experimenting.

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