Spotify Wrapped 2021 Is Here

Spotify Wrapped retrospective has become a fairly anticipated event as the year is coming to an end for music listeners, artists and podcast creators.

The idea of Spotify Wrapped is to have statistics. Each user can know their most listened titles, the artists they discovered this year, their top music and artists, the genres they like the most, the best new podcasts and the best of 2021, a more general retrospective of the year.

Spotify Wrapped 2021 also include new features that will allow a more interactive understanding of your year in music and to connect with your friends :

  • 2021: The Movie – This feature pairs your top songs with classic scenes from a movie that’s all about you.
  • Your Audio Aura – We worked with an aura expert to visualize your audio aura based on your top two music moods. (You can read more about that here.)
  • Playing Cards – This is an interactive, data-based game that you play and then share with your friends. We’ll display several statements about your listening this year and you’ll have to guess which are true. 
  • 2021 Wrapped Blend – Tapping into the new Blend feature launched this year, Spotify fans can see how their 2021 music tastes match up with friends, stream their blended playlist, and share their results on social.

This very complete retrospective experience, the Wrapped is a success on social networks, as everybody is either very proud of what they have listened through the year or so ashamed they have to share it to the world. The hashtag #SpotifyWrapped is currently the number one trend on Twitter in many countries.

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As an artist you can access your 2021 Spotify Artist Wrapped, a personalized summary of your year that will tell you how your music connected with fans around the world.

  • Photo: Spotify