Rising Artist Shibo Drops Slow-Tempo Delight ‘Rainmaker’

In the wake of ‘Spiraling’, LA-based musician Shibo now backs to offer us another gem named ‘Rainmaker’.

He never ceased to astonish, delivering another dazzling lofi/hip-hop fusion; quite psychedelic. Fusing upbeat sounds with a catchy bass line, and a mesmerizing breakdown, the whole is another testament of his effortless versatility, and his undeniable talent.

Listen 'Rainmaker' :

Born in Berkeley, CA, Shibo picked up the bass at age 10. While so much of the hip-hop that’s influenced him as a teenager (J- Dilla and Flying Lotus) involves sampling of others records, he replaces the famous process by creating and recording his own samples in such a unique and profound way he rapidly made it to Majestic Casual and fellow Lofi tastemakers top lists.

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