Q&A: Get To Know UK Rising Duo The Pressure

The Pressure is definitely a name you have to keep in mind this year.

Composed of Henry Buggé and Joseph Andrew, The Pressure is a London-based electronic duo. Diverse production and energetic performance form the pair’s foundations, with influences from rave culture and performance-centric dance acts such as Depeche Mode and Underworld prominent across their releases and live shows.

2020 saw them self-release ‘Ride’ and ‘Planes’: two tough club tracks with songwriting at the heart of them. A statement of intent from the duo, both cuts showcased a varied production approach reminiscent of the Bristol-era of UK electronica.

Now, 2021 promises to be an exciting year for The Pressure – which starts with their brand new single ‘Saturday Night’ on Undisputed Music. To know a bit more about them and what’s behind this track, we had the pleasure to host them for a few questions… 

Hey guys, welcome on Sidekick! Let’s begin with yourself, can you tell us a bit more about The Pressure?

We’re an electronic band from London, with live performance and songwriting at the heart of it.

You’ve made a great impression with the just-out ‘Saturday Night’. What’s your recipe to cook these treats? Any inspirations?

Wild creativity early doors – getting the core ideas down is super important. Then we spend a long time working on the instrumental energy we feel is right for the song. Sometimes we rearrange ideas too – or just carry forward the chorus, or the verse. Each track is a moving beast – and the trick is to agree to lock things down once you land on something you’re happy with. Otherwise you can endlessly re-interpret ideas into sonic soup.

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You’re always experimenting new sounds. Is it important for you not to stick in just one genre?

Definitely. It’s not even that we consciously try to produce different styles – it’s more what comes naturally for each song. But each song is different, and requires a unique sound to land it in the right way, and get listeners feeling the desired emotion. So we embrace experimentation as a part of the process.

What can we expect for the rest of the year, do you have some secret plans to share with us?

Multiple new releases in the pipeline – a few remixes, and maybe some live show action?! Who knows!

Last but not least, can you share five records that you can’t get enough of right now?

Octave One – The Forgotten
Daniel Avery – Water Jump
Mr. G – Transient
Light Asylum – Dark Allies
KAS:ST – Hell on Earth

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