Tan Lines Return With Groovy New Single ‘For You’

This has been a hectic and strange time for artists around the world, but even in the scarcity of live performances, there is always a special place for talented bands. This is most definitely the case of Tan Lines, who recently came out with a fantastic new release titled ‘For You’.

The vibe of this release is fresh and engaging, and each element in the mix is articulate and lively, highlighting the way Tan Lines bring a more personal touch to their music. The track kicks off with a vintage-sounding synth swell, and it eventually dives deeper into a big, punchy beat with a compressor that’s got that “splat” sound going on the snare drum, achieving perfect results. The bass has some great modulation effects going on, adding more motion to the track, and adding that glue that holds the balance of the mix together so perfectly. The song has a great build-up, which really works to highlight its emotional flow.

Listen 'For You' :

With a strong focus on creating the right mood and enhancing the quality of the production, ‘For You’ feels like a perfect representation of Tan Lines’s talent. This fantastic release might remind you of icons such as Daft Punk and Giorgio Moroder, as it channels some of that amazing disco and funk vibes of the olden days, but with a fresh modern touch. There is something quite special about Tan Lines and their music, making his sound utterly unique and one-of-a-kind.

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